It's not ME it's YOU - is a break up line.

One Channel Video // 2015
Duration: 01'58"

Blandine Casen,
Yousef Iskandar,
Yuma Nervi-Jaffrot,

Sound Effects from: Rana Baker & Qubodup.

Venues: 2015// Entangled Perspectives on Participatory Citizenship Conference, Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt [DE]/ 2016// Chouftouhounna international feminist art festival [TN]

Its Not ME Its YOU from Rimana on Vimeo.

This work has been intended as a response for a video titled: “Syrian Hero Boy: Rescue Girl in shootout”.
It goes like this:
A shaky camera that gives the impression of citizen journalism. We hear men talking in the background in a Syrian accent. A boy stands up to run and rescue his sister under the shots of a sniper. Two weeks later, activists discover that the video is not real. In fact the video was shot in Malta, and was funded by two major European institutions. According to its director Lars Klevberg, the video was shot to “give a touch of hope to those affected by war”.