ENDINGS // 2016

One video channel
Duration: 5'54"
A one video channel that is searching and experimenting with the body as a construct, as it is told by the German website Zanzu - “My body in words & images”. And with the movement and representation of the bodies that the website is dedicated for. Most of the footage & audio that is used in the video are from field recordings that I recorded from the roads.
The video is interested in questioning limitations of movement & space.

commissioned by Griesbadgalerie, as part of Café Beirut [DE]
Music from //OkyDoky – 3point14.
OkyDoky & Eileen Khatchadourian – Hars em Gnoum.

Footage from // The Guardian & Channel 4 News

Thank you for Griesbadgalerie, Cafe Beirut, Petra Schmitt, Martin & Kora, Kathrin Häggät, Vladimir Wiederhold & Tommy Brem.