Confession#1 an ongoing work on a lecture performance that aims to research the imaginaire around Arab women created through their attire.

In this series I recycle material from a previous performance Dress ME how YOU like, wearing the clothes to travel to Lebanon from Berlin, Germany. Visit villages in the southern area of Lebanon pose next what became landmarks in 2006, make a costume party at a family dinner, then photoshop myself to some touristic destination in the Arab world. I kept a personal journal during the process. During the lecture I display the photos some short videos from Egyptian movies from the 70s, and read from the personal journal.

Performance: 2012// Warwick University [UK] / 2013// 49BStudios // TISCH - NYU [U.S.A.]// 2016 // Fusion Festival // Stiege, Griesbadgallerie [DE]

Cover photo & photos [1-5] by Kathrin Häggät.