An expert of thoughts from an interview with an Afghani assylum seeker in Udine, Italy. He had a slim voice, dark brown eyes, straight black hair, very good style.
His age was 16: 

“I want to talk” says the man whose tongue was pulled out and jaw destroyed. “I want to say other things”, says the man whose body was bruised and injured by an extremist group. “I want to talk about my future but I can’t. I want to say other things, not only hello,” says the man sitting ‘here’ on a red bench in a small square, who was rendered an illegal, an asylum seeker, an other, after arriving from ‘there’. The paradox of a pulled tongue and the need to talk and to say things is a radical one, that makes it hard to think of it as a metaphor, or as an image, or to try and create it as a representation. It is a reality, where the body is marked, and where the body expresses itself and its dreams without being stuck in this paradox of what should I say? Or what can I say? ‘Here’, his reality is one of many similar ones that is explained in the media as a natural disaster: “a flood, a tsunami, a wave…”, and the system treats it as a crisis of economy, accommodation and integration. ‘Here’ there is an overflow of stories, of marked bodies like his, that needs to collide and stick to each other to infiltrate certain borders.